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Sarah and I will be starting/started our travelling journey on July 5th, 2015 but just wanted to let you know a little bit about us before we get going.

Hailing from Leopold. Victoria, Australia, Zac grew up like most Aussie kids do. School, camping, fishing, road trips, and the beach. He was lucky enough to go overseas with his parents when he was growing up, and briefly visited Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and a host of other European nations.

If that wasn’t enough, once he finished school, he fled to England for a year to live in Cirencester, England, and work in a GAP (General Assistant Position) at a boarding school. From there, he returned to continue his studies, mixing trips to New Zealand, Tasmania, and road trips/camping around Australia along the way.

Having always loved the various cultures, societies, languages and peoples from different places it makes sense that he would meet an American girl visiting Australia, and then chase her home. More about that here

Zac graduated with a Bachelors in Engineering (Telecommunications and Network Engineering), and primarily focuses on helping businesses or individuals with technology, network and server related issues. (He’s a Cisco/Meraki nerd and technology evangelist!)

Sarah grew up in Kentwood, Michigan, U.S.A, and always dreamed of being either Belle (from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) or an actress on Broadway. She is the oldest of 3 siblings, and also got to travel around with her parents as a youngster. From fearlessly skiing down blues and blacks as a tot to going hiking with church groups and performing in school plays, Sarah has always fostered a sense of adventure, and yearned to see the world.

Travelling with her grandparents, Sarah was able to see a few plays in London as a teenager, and always enjoys listening to the Grand Rapids Symphony. Having attended multiple universities/colleges, Sarah has a Bachelors of Business and is a bit of a math geek/sudoku lover!

Why are we travelling?

Sarah and I both love meeting new people and having new experiences. We decided that saving was our priority, so that we could uproot ourselves, and get out there and see everything we could. Having family and friends split between multiple countries and continents, we decided that the best way to stay in touch was to blog our way as we went.

Want to know more about us or our story?

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