Zac writing here…excuse me if I slip into the first person while I tell you our story. I will caution you here that it’s long! (tl:dr met girl, chased girl, married girl, decided to travel with girl – I see a theme here!)

Sarah was studying abroad in 2008 at the Swinburne University of Technology located in Melbourne, Australia. I was studying my way through my degree, when my classmate/friend Dan insisted that I meet “this cool American girl” that was there.

I took a liking to Sarah right away, and set about convincing her that I was awesome (I wasn’t) and that she wanted to spend time with me. Having a car, a bunch of TV Shows/DVDs, and the ability to cook some pretty decent pasta’s and veggies meant that I was well on my way to wooing her.

We hung out when we could, went out camping in the Blue Mountains or Halls Gap with a group of friends, and headed down the Great Ocean Road to the coast to take in the majesty of the National Parks and beaches.

For the record, I also cooked some great Kangaroo Sausages (snags in Australian), and various Kangaroo roasts. To the American visitors, Kangaroo is like deer meat for you guys. Lean, tender, always wild caught and very good for you.

Unfortunately, after only a month of two, Sarah’s time was up and she had to head back home. Being polite, she let me know that if I was ever in America, we should catch up (and also that we were just friends!)

Fast forward a few months of chatting on Skype, and I fly to America to go to her sisters wedding. Arriving the night before in Chicago after 24 hours of flying, being picked up by some of Sarah’s friends (twin guys who I’d never met) and then having a 3 hour car trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan, turned out to be the best decision I’d made.

Fast forward through the wedding, and I had a month in America to convince Sarah that she wanted to date me. Luckily, I had the foresight to woo her family, and they helped persuade her to give me a chance. We then got to travel through the Great Lakes, went camping in Lake of the Clouds, see the Porcupine Mountains, visit Sault Ste Marie and go on our first real date at Mackinaw Island, Michigan.

These places were some of the first I was able to see in America, and they were really beautiful. I can highly recommend Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island for both the fudge, and being historically fun too!

More Coming soon!!!

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  1. Hey com’on Zac, I want to read more!!
    How interesting it is to read someone’s love story!
    I will probably never write something like this to show everyone about my love story. not because i can’t, just don’t want to.
    for me, i think this takes a lot of courage to share, Happy for both of you!

    waiting for the Season 2.
    Good luck.

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