Sarah and I both have the Tortuga Travel Backpack. We LOVE these bags and they carry 98% of our equipment. We are packing very light, between 7-10 kg (or 22 lbs MAX) and these bags are absolutely capable of carrying everything you need for your trip. These are our ONLY source to carry luggage for the next 24 months, so they NEED to stand up to everything we through at them.

The shoulder straps and hip belts really make the pack stand out when wearing or walking for extended periods of time, or when standing in airport queues.

As a brief packing list, this is what I carry:

  • 6 pairs socks (1 additional wearing)
  • 1 pair of smart casual/dress pants (wear additional all purpose black pants)
  • 6 undies/boxers (1 additional wearing)
  • 4 t-shirts (1 additional wearing; various colours; wear your heaviest on the plane)
  • 2 long sleeve t-shirts (Nike Fit/Under-Armor are great for this)
  • Lightweight compressible fleece (wearing larger jacket/convertible vest)
  • Laptop (Currently Dell E5440. Changing to Surface for weight saving soon!)
  • Laptop Charger (big and bulky, side pocket storage!)
  • Nalgene 1L water bottle
  • Workout shorts (comfortable and easy to compress)
  • Bathing suit that doubles as pair of shorts, and breathes great in the tropics (zippered side pockets)
  • Additional pair of shorts
  • Travel Adapter and USB phone charger
  • SteriPEN (For water purification in remote areas)
  • Small zip-lock bag of meds/travel shampoo/wash
  • Pair of light sneakers/sandals (I wear my largest pair of shoes and carry my lightest ones!)

While that looks like a pretty large list, I can assure you that when packed right, the Tortuga Travel Backpack easily carries all of that. The bag is available directly from their website above, and has pretty rave reviews from everyone that uses them.

The owners and customer care team are great and quick to respond when you have questions, and had no issue replacing Sarah’s bag right after we started travelling due to an issue with one of the seams.


NOTE: All photos are from the Tortuga website.

Absolutely love our bags, and there’s many additional compartments I didn’t mention.

  • The hip belt has a small pocket on each side for a passport/credit cards/money.
  • The inside of the bag has a small cover piece on each side that clips together, both with zippers for documents/chargers.
  • The inside of the the backpack has 2 larger mesh pockets for a laptop charger or undies/socks if you prefer
  • There is a pouch on each side of the bag capable of holding a water bottle, chargers, candy/can of beer for the hostelers out there!
  • There is a laptop sleeve on the inside of the bag, that is accessible from the top. This allows me to slide my laptop into/out of the bag for security/checks without needing to open everything up. This is AMAZINGLY useful, and just plain awesome at the same time.


If you’re travelling, then get this bag. You won’t regret it!