Below is a list of the travel kit that we are taking on this trip. Some are recommendations from other travelers and others are things that we have enjoyed using as we travel ourselves.

  • Tortuga Travel Backpack – I love this. Can’t stress that enough. It’s well made, efficient, and well designed. I will happily travel constantly with this, though I’m sure Sarah would like a little more room in hers!
  • Nalgene Wide-Mouth/Everyday Water Bottles – Standard large 1L water bottles. Tough as nails and won’t break as we travel around the world.
  • SteriPEN Freedom | UV Pen – Amazing little device. I’ve been testing this on water I’ve been drinking around the house, and it seems to work great. I’m not sick, so I’ll just have to believe it’s killing the 99.99% of germs I would otherwise have in me! Slightly heats the water, and doesn’t work with ice (as a side note), but small, light and will be very handy once we start travelling through Southeast Asia!
  • Shacke Pak Packing/Travel Cubes – Efficient little space cubes. I think the largest of these would be great with larger luggage, but with carry-on only, the smaller cubes work best. They are also great at separating the clean from the dirty with limited space!
  • SCOTTeVEST – Sarah has the Sterling jacket. Pockets galore!
  • Wildship Studio – BreeAnn Veenstra at Wildship Studio did an amazing job designing our business cards and swag! Thanks for everything Bree!

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